APRIS Trauma & Crime Scene Decontamination is a division of our Fire and Water Restoration Company. We are a group of ordinary people driven to help ordinary people in crisis. In the event you lose a loved one to an unattended passing, violent crime, illness or even suicide, and are faced with a difficult task of the aftermath; we at APRIS is here for you. We understand dealing with this unexpected aftermath can be a difficult task and very emotional situation. At APRIS we consider service to be a call to help individuals in need. We are a company with a heart and are here to help you get through your crisis with dignity, respect, care, and compassion.

Because we are insurance certified and have direct insurance adjuster relationships, our direct experience allows us to handle everything for our clients so they don’t have to do a thing. Intern, this allows us to help our part of the “traumatic event” GO AWAY without adding additional emotional injury to our clients during these times.

Our technicians are fully trained in biohazard decontamination, the removal of body fluids, Bio hazards, blood-borne pathogens and detecting contaminants which cannot be detected with the naked eye. We use all the latest technology. We certified with the Department of Public Health, fully OSHA compliant and have been certified by the nation’s leading authority in trauma clean up.

With over twenty years of construction experience, APRIS is a full service restoration contractor here 24/7/365 with Quick Response vehicles located throughout the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. With our fully trained technicians, you can be confident that what may have occurred can be eliminated.

Because we are a company with a heart and have such passion for protecting our clients, to respect the dignity of their personal  tragedies; unlike other companies in this industry, we do not post any before or after pictures of our crime or trauma scenes to our site. For more details on specifics and or the details of past projects, please feel free to contact us with questions or send us a message.

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