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Our staff is there for you 24/7 to make sure you have a real APRIS employee to speak with regarding your claim any time day or night. It is our commitment to you that we will be on-call any time you need a real answer to your question.



As a licensed and certified industry insurance specialist, we work directly with any carrier our customers have. Because we work with so many different insurance carriers, our job is to provide your insurance carrier a volume of services to simplify the work being done and provide our clients 100% guarantied customer satisfaction. Because we meet strict industry standards and act as liaisons between the insurance carriers and our customers, we adhere to a higher level of service. Our guaranty, you pay NO COST for our service call to get you dry and restored. We are fully committed to great service satisfaction guaranteed. We are IIRC certified and meet strict OSHA guidelines insurance carriers require for project recovery management, Therefore offering a full range of support for carriers and adjusters on a moment’s notice or as requested. We only work with licensed contractors and carry proper bonds and insurance which meet national insurance company requirements. End result, we protect our customers and carriers together with quality service.


Our trained uniformed technicians are dispatched immediately to your door to rapidly get you dry and restored within a short time of your call. Our team is trained to respond to our customers’ needs with professionalism and to meet the highest industry standard. We provide real courteous technicians to provide real service and guaranty our customers they will receive the highest level of service while our company manages your insurance companies’ needs and requests. As a full service restoration contractor, the APRIS team can directly manage any part of the restoration process required from any type of fire, water, storm or natural disaster claim. As a turnkey oriented company with over 20 years of construction and design experience, there is not isn’t any part of the remediation process that we can’t handle, facilitate or locate for our clients. We handle every aspect of making our clients 100% guaranteed whole again. Having experienced some of nature’s most horrific historic disasters in Hurricane Sandy & Irene, our team has the experience to manage any specific part of our clients claim needs necessary to get their lives back on track. Our goal to make our customers 100% whole again is always first and foremost. The following are just some of the specific services we manage for our clients



As a leading provider of a full range of certified, our goal is to aid insurance companies and manage the proper reports which meet insurance company guidelines to speed up the recovery process. Our goal is to fully restore our clients 100% while cutting costs for carriers which ultimately trickles down resulting in lowered claims saving clients and carriers alike.

We know our job is to liaison between the adjuster, their customer and ours and help the process, so that its easier on the claimant resulting in a smoother experience. Managing both the carrier, adhering to their standards, ; and the managing vendors so the claimant does not have to, is our job. Although we cannot control every aspect of a claim, we like nothing better than to save time and run a recovery with efficiency.



It should be clearly noted that mold, mildew, and other forms of unpleasant spores are a completely natural part of our everyday life. Actually, many healthy remedies and natural food sources are either derived from or directly related to various types of mold. We live and breathe clearly with them in nature and in our dwellings. They surround us everywhere every day. The facts that mold breeds and spreads in moist environments are truly the key to understanding all the hype about various forms of mold and mildew related to interior mold growth. Yes, if left untreated, mold can become a defined health risk in some cases. However, the real culprit with mold is time. Mold, like any other infesting species, break down and destroy dwellings and otherwise clean environments. Understanding time being the key factor to eradicating mold is most important factor. Another important fact to clearly understand is that mold can breed quickly and often leaks are not discovered as quickly as mold can breed because they are hidden at first. Unless it’s a sudden burst or obvious storm related event, mold usually grows before the leak reveals itself.

At APRIS, our approach to mold is to look at it calmly and simply not get caught up in the fear many in the industry and media have made of it. Simply put, if you know it’s there, eradicate it immediately, and that’s what we do. We remove all in one day with high tech equipment at no additional health risk and at proper EPA standards giving you total peace of mind.

We Provide:

  • Professional Mold testing and I & Inspections;
  • A variety of quality air testing and filtration as needed;
  • Complete elimination of the cause and infestation; and
  • A full line of water and & moisture removal and & dehumidification.

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