How does Insurance work into a damage event or claim?

First off, APRIS is an insurance specialist. We manage the entire claim and bill your insurance company directly. Our goal is to work directly with our customers and their insurance company. Insurance carriers can and often do suggest selected repair companies. Ultimately, it is the homeowner’s choice to decide who is used. Insurance companies still need to send out claims adjusters, but we will work directly with them to make our customers 100% whole along with the insurance carrier.

Early leak detection can save a disaster.

Sometimes leaks start out so small you never know they are happening. One of the best indicators is a water bill as it’s the most obvious sign you may have a leak. If you detect a leak, shutting all water off in the house and opening the water meter at the curb will confirm a leak. If all water is off in the home or building and the water meter is still running, most often there is a leak and detection is in order before it becomes a huge problem.

Shutting off the water

is an obvious step, but getting to the sourse is critical so it can be repaired. Not all water damage is permanent. If damage is not to severe, depending on the quality of the carpet, some carpets can be dried out and preserved. Our expert technicians are here to help mitigate the damages and get you right back to life as it was before the claim or event.

Contact a licensed plumber

so the problem stops. Often the actual source of the leak may be in a different location then it seems. Unless it’s clearly obvious, water travels and therefore can pool in a location appearing as the leak, when the reality is that is simply in another location you may not be able to see. Most plumbers have leak detection devices that can detect the true location.  

Start the dry out process immediately

with professional blowers and dehumidifiers. Although moister is never a good thing in dry areas, a simple removal of rugs, or sopping up visual water does not rid a room of potential damage. Water and moisture combined with many materials create a breeding ground for spores to become active creating various forms of mold. Mold spores are simply a part of life and surround us everywhere. Water and moisture simply activates them to grow. Mold can be mitigated within hours. Simply choosing a professional restoration company like APRIS to mitigate the process will eradicate any unintended moisture.

Know the depth of the damage

so that you understand the complexities of the repairs required. Unfortunately, water damage of any kind extends well beyond the human eye. Therefore, proper detection with professional meters is required to measure the extent of the damage. There are invasive and non-invasive devices to measure moisture. You will want to make sure you have a thorough professionally skilled detection of how much damage was created, so that the proper damage assessment can be made to ensure a complete and accurate dry out has been done. Our technicians will locate a dry out benchmark standard near the damaged area in order to create a target dry out goal so that you are fully rid of any moisture before commencing the repair.

Removing the damage

once an accurate assessment has been determined. Once the damaged area is determined, our technicians will remove all damaged debris as required by industry standards. If asbestos or lead is discovered during the pre-testing stages, licensed quality control technicians will rid the area of the material and the restoration process will begin.

Contact your insurance carrier

when the problem is diverted. An insurance carrier is in the business to help make you whole again and most important help you repair the damage. The carrier can be contacted at any point in time, but may not always be prepared to act as quickly as moisture damage occurs. Water damage knows no time clock. The mitigation process must commence immediately and requires direct action. It’s important to know that insurance carriers will be there for you at any point of the damage process. The best thing you can do for yourself is stop your own problem and get it under control. Once the damage processes has stopped, and then contact your insurance company so that they can assist you in and bring you whole again.

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