Why You Need A Professional For Cleaning After A Crime

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The blood, tissue and body fluids that accompany a crime, suicide, death or other traumatic scene may also emit harmful pathogens which cause infectious diseases. For this reason, it is critical that only specialists in the sphere of crime scene cleanup help you safely clean, decontaminate and/or remove items that have been filled with blood, body or tissue fluids. Blood-soiled items taken to a biohazard waste facility that was certified and have to be disposed of. APRIS not only utilizes specialized technicians to handle a crime scene, but we also use a biohazard waste facility that is accredited to dispose of contaminated items.

OurĀ  trauma cleaning service specializes in removing and decontaminating scenes that were subjected to the following:

  • Blood
  • Body Fluids
  • Pet/Animal Feces/Urine
  • Human Decomposition

With over twenty years of construction experience, APRIS is a full Service restoration contractor here 24/7/365 with Quick Response Vehicles located throughout the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties. With our fully trained technicians, you can be confident that what occurred in your home can be eliminated properly. While the goal is to return your home to it’s prior state, our main concern is treating victims and their families with dignity and respect, and decontaminating scenes to the highest of public health standards.

Without a team of trained professionals, victims of major, traumatic crimes or deaths in their homes could be subject to fines for not disposing of hazardous materials properly. Even small traces of biohazard type material or fluids could be missed. Bloodborne pathogens can remain unseen to the naked eye, even after thorough cleaning. You’ve been through enough; let APRIS take care of the clean up and the details.